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Pulley Weight: Kg. 4,6
Maximum Load: Kg. 50
Minimum Load: Kg. 8÷10
Maximum Height: m. 30
Allowed rope diameters: mm. 18,20
Connection to standard pipe for scaffoldings.
Securpulley carrucola di sicurezza
Securpulley safety pulley

is a TORNOMECCANICA patent intended to revolutionise the scaffolding work, eliminating the risk of fall of the suspended loads.
the exclusive automatic braking system stops the lifted load as the rope is released by the operator.

All the manoeuvres normally done by the scaffolding erectors are allowed:
without risk and with the possibility to interrupt the lifting for rest with heavy loads or high working heights.

Securpulley is the only rope sheave for building industry that conforms to the Safety requirements of the Machinery Directive ECC 89/392, as witnessed by the mark.

How the idea of designing a safety pulley rises

We started with some simple considerations:
  • erection and dismantling job of scaffoldings involves considerable risk and uneasiness related to the hanging (parts of scaffoldings are usually handled by human effort, often at high elevations, without the possibility to have any intermediate rest);
  • the problem of safety at work is becoming more and more relevant, and controls from Surveillance Bodies are more frequent and effective;
  • the market has not offered up to now, for handling of this kind of materials, handling, any device responding to the safety requirements of the Machinery directive, on the contrary for this these operations pulleys of any kind are used, often of a rudimentary kind thus with high degree of danger;
  • until the "state of the art" in this sector did not make available safe lifting a reality, there is no way for neither the operators, and for the checkers of a reduction of the danger of the work.

From the idea to the realisation

We started to think about an automatic braking device that had to put together various requirements:
  • fulfilment of the safety rules
  • simplicity
  • reliability
  • negative braking, i.e. as the human action ceases
  • constant effectiveness at different working heights
  • easiness of descent of the empty rope
During over one and a half year of study and realisation of improved prototypes, we completed, tested and patented SECURPULLEY, that allows to realise the required safety function without giving up any usual characteristic of the previous pulleys.

operating and maintenance instructions
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